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    The ‘Inside Scoop’ is Worth Revisiting

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | August 8th, 2022

    The ‘Inside Scoop’ is Worth Revisiting

    Whenever I go somewhere, and people discover I am a doctor in conversation, they begin to complain about everything that is wrong with the system. I tell them there is a workaround for certain things, which is why I believe the “Inside Scoop” is worth revisiting.


    If you want to be in and out of the office without much waiting, you want to try and be scheduled for the first appointment in the morning or the first appointment after lunch.

    Be honest with the person scheduling the appointment. If you think you need more time than usual with your provider, be honest with the scheduler so that they can schedule you appropriately. Sometimes the provider needs to get out of the office early – you do not want your appointment at that time because you do not want to feel rushed.

    If you cannot see your provider or a specialist in a timely fashion, meaning the next appointment is months away – schedule the appointment at the given time, and then make sure that the scheduler is aware that you want to be notified of cancellations. You should also call when the weather is terrible to find out if there are cancellations. They give priority to those who have scheduled an appointment already. This applies to patients who are brand new to the practice. Schedule the appointment even if the appointments are months away. When an opening becomes available, priority goes to the person who already has an appointment.

    Call the office and reschedule if you cannot make it to your appointment. Try to do it as soon as possible. If you do not call and no show or if you cancel less than 24 hours from your appointment time, there is a chance that the office will not allow you to schedule any further appointments or charge you for the missed appointment.


    Do not accept the statement that “no news is good news.” You deserve to get your results regardless of whether it is good or bad. You should never leave the office without knowing when and how to expect your results. Most offices have moved to electronic medical records, and you can sign up with a unique code to access your records, including your results. Take advantage of this opportunity. It will be cheaper than coming to an appointment to hear that your results are normal.


    Medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy. DO NOT ignore your medical bills. You can always call the facility charging you and arrange for a payment plan. Be honest with them about what you can afford. Some will take as little as $5.00 a month if that is what you can afford. You risk affecting your credit by not dealing with your medical bills.


    Do not be afraid to get a second opinion. If you are not comfortable with the management options that your current provider has suggested, you can get a second opinion. Generally, you want the opinion to come from another doctor that is not in the same practice. Be honest with your provider you will be seeking a second opinion. Electronic medical records allow the provider to see if you have seen another provider. If your provider gets offended, maybe you should find another provider.


    Do not allow lack of insurance or being under-insured to prevent you from seeking care. This is especially true for dental care, which is important for overall care. You can always go to a ‘teaching institution,’ like the dental school or medical school clinics. Unfortunately, ‘teaching institutions’ get a bad rap because people feel they are ‘guinea pigs’ because these clinics are staffed with resident physicians and student doctors. Some of the best care you can get is in a teaching institution because they are up to date with the latest medical techniques. Every medical student or resident physician who sees you has an attending physician (a boss, the supervising physician) overlooking everything they do. You have the right to ask to speak to the attending physician when you are seen in the clinic.


    A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. You can view your health information and do many other things using a secure username and password. If you have access to a patient portal and are not taking advantage of ityou are missing an opportunity to improve your health care. On the portal:

    • You can look at your health records to ensure they are accurate. If it is not correct, take care of it. Your records follow you.
    • Check your labs and look at trends (significant for knowing your numbers)
    • Request prescription refills
    • Schedule non-urgent appointments
    • Update your contact information
    • View educational material on your medical condition
    • Communicate with your physician (you can send secure messages to your physician – please know that most likely, a nurse will view the message before sending the message to the physician)

    The patient portal is called different names depending on which electronic health record system your physician uses. An example of a name is MyChart. If you are not signed up with a patient portal, please ask your doctor the next time you visit the office. You will be given a unique code to sign up. Sometimes people sign up and forget their password. Use a password that you will remember. You are missing an opportunity to control your health better and communicate better with your provider if you do not sign up. You do not need a computer to sign up. Your smartphone can do the job. If you have neither, you can get access to a computer in your public library. As a physician, I tell my patients that the quickest way to reach me is through the patient portal, and I am not alone.

    GOOD RX 

    Good Rx is a website and mobile app that tracks prescription drug prices and offers drug coupons in the United States. You cannot use this with your insurance. Typically it is used if you find that your insurance does not cover your medication or if the drug price is high even with your insurance. You can download the app or go on the website, type in the drug name, and it will list the prices and the pharmacy. Print or download the coupons. Please note the prices are updated weekly, so once you have a reasonable price, you want to go to the pharmacy. Call the Good Rx customer service if the pharmacy listed with the coupon does not wish to honor the price.

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    1. Linda K Jackson says:

      Thank you again for very valuable information, which is something that many people don’t realize that they have a right to know!

    2. Thanks for the inside scoop:-)

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