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    Your Mind

    Sister, “peace of mind” is priceless and also free.

    Say NO to…

    • Worrying – “It truly is a futile activity.”
    • Taking Things Personally – “Another person’s behavior is never about you.”
    • Overreacting for Attention – “Embrace your power, and acknowledge yourself.”

    Say YES to…

    • Intentional Breathing – “Breathing in and out is the instant stress reliever.”
    • Meditating – “Five minutes of silence a day is pure nirvana.”
    • Being in Nature – “Smelling flowers, watching ocean waves, tasting snow or hearing birds chirp-pick the one that resonates with you.”

    Practical Health Tips


    love and friendship

    Exercise regularly


    healthy and balanced meals

    Drink at least one

    full glass of water

    after each meal

    Do not get addicted to

    alcohol, prescription, or street drugs.

    Do not smoke or

    expose yourself to second hand smoke

    Take medicines

    as prescribed


    health education

    Always get your

    annual physical examinations

    Be vigilant about the

    changes in your body

    Know your

    medical history


    Your Body

    Sister, you use your body to make everything happen in your life, so don’t take it for granted.

    Instead take care of your body, so you can keep making things happen in your life.

    Say NO to…

    • Sedentary Lifestyle – “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.”
    • Junk Food – “Temporary gratifying taste that leads to lasting detrimental toxins.”
    • Being Superwoman to All – “Constant overwhelming stress is the silent killer that no one ever pays attention to until it’s too late.”

    Say YES to…

    • Weekly Exercise – “Movement is life: exercising 3 times a week will keep you alive and healthy.”
    • Healthy Eating – “Water, green vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits are the holy trinity of eating right.”
    • Support & Saying “No” – “Asking for help, doesn’t say you are weak: it says you are smart because you want to remain strong. Remember, you weren’t designed to do everything for everyone. Learn to say, ‘No’.”

    Your Soul

    Sister, your eyes are the windows to your soul.  Go to a mirror, look into your eyes for 5 minutes and discover how you truly feel about the life you are living.

    Say NO to…

    • Being Unsatisfied – “Your perspective shapes your life.”
    • Unethical Behavior – “What happens in a moment but can erode you from within for a lifetime.”
    • Self-Serving Attitude – “When you are busy on ensuring everybody around you loses in order for you to win, then you have lost your sense of humanity.”

    Say YES to…

    • Showing Gratitude for What You Do Have – “Expressing gratitude every day is like singing a love song to your soul.”
    • Living According to your Values – “You are the only one who has true expertise in your life, so skip the roundtable discussion with everyone and allow your values to guide you in making the best decision for you.”
    • Serving Others – “When you positively impact another person’s life with no expectations and the simple
      intention to serve, you receive far more than you could have ever imagined.”
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    The book discusses common gynecological and women’s health issues in a series of witty and entertaining letters. These letters, all educational, offer suggestions on what approaches to take in tackling the medical problems that typically bring women to an ob/gynecologist. The letters are spiced with art, a poem and quotes. Although its emphasis is on gynecology and women’s health, it touches on some other medical issues that make women visit their doctors.

    The second half of the book briefly discusses the most common gynecological conditions and also provides an overview of sexually transmitted infections. A list of annotated websites dealing with the different topics in the book is provided for the reader who wants to pursue each subject in depth.

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