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    Powered by Connection

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | May 27th, 2024

    Powered by Connection

    This past weekend, I went to visit my mother, who lives in New York City. She was hospitalized earlier this month. She was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. By the time she got to the hospital, she was given intravenous fluids and started immediately on antibiotics. She stayed in the hospital for four days. She is gradually getting better and building back her strength.  

    May is Older Americans Month, and the theme for 2024 is Powered By Connection. This theme reminds us how critical meaningful relationships and social connections are to health and well-being. Although I live 536 miles away, I am fortunate that she has developed a network of people who can keep her connected.

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    I would encourage everyone who has older people in their lives to cherish them. You can learn so much. My mother journals quite a bit. She gets her best inspiration in the early morning. When she read the following to me, I asked permission to share it on my blog. The journal entry was written on May 10, 2024.

    ‘Life choices continue. On 5/4/24, I made another life choice through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

    When I noticed that my life was threatened and with shortness of breath, I called 911, and my new doctor, Dr. Steven Liverpool, concurred and said to call 911.

    That second choice I made on 5/4/24 kept me alive and allowed me to write this note. Without that choice, my dashes of life would have been over.

    One crucial life-threatening choice was at the age of 19 with a ruptured appendix. Someone made that choice, and I agreed.

    The choice made on 5/4/24 was made by me and my doctor agreed. Your choice determines your tomorrow’s position. Choices continue to be made every moment, and the decision-makers must use God’s wisdom to make wise decisions to produce wise outcomes. Therefore, be surrounded by those who care about and understand the truth about you.

    I thank God for the good children, friends, and family, and, especially, the team of doctors who just met me in a vulnerable situation, especially with “pneumonia,” as it was diagnosed.  What an experience.


    Christians, including me, pray that they want to see Jesus. We shout we wish to see Jesus!!!

    I had the opportunity to see him on 5/4/24. What did I do?  

    I immediately called 911. You see, Jesus is within you. To see Jesus spiritually, you must die to see him. Jesus has the power and when he is ready for you, he will safely bring you home. May 4th was not the day to take me home. It was a day to start rethinking how to spend the remaining time he has for me. May the good Lord guide me in making wise decisions for the rest of my life. Amen.

    The decisions I make today determine my position tomorrow. Amen’ 

    6 Responses to “Powered by Connection”

    1. Gwendolyn Davis says:

      Thank you for sharing your momma’s private thoughts and words to lift us up.
      Joy & Blessings

    2. Linda Alanla Jackson says:

      Beautiful journal entry. Thank you for sharing it.

    3. Barbra Wright says:

      Thank you for sharing your mother’s beautiful words of wisdom. I’ve read them twice!

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