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    No Modifications – Just Real Food

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | May 5th, 2024

    No Modifications – Just Real Food

    This past weekend, I received the following by test message from a dear friend:

    Family & friends,

    Here is some good info for you as you shop for produce.

    The PLU price label unit that we scan on bananas & apples etc. helps us to decide if we are looking for organic or conventional grown produce.

    If you see the number 8 first in a five digit code you are buying a GMO. Genetically Modified Organism.

    – In plants to modify it ▶️ something must cross the cell wall,  in adding to or changing it. Many times, it could be an organism that is not plant. 😡

    Sometimes it is even a disease.

    Example- banana are always 4011 no matter where you buy them in America. But if you see 84011 it is a GMO banana 🍌

    I will not buy it❗️

    If you see a 9 first of the five digits it is organic and means no pesticides or modification.

    If you only see 4 then the other digits….it is a produced conventionally grown. Meaning there could be pesticides.

    The law passed that GMO food must be labeled as such. 


    Cereal made with corn might list —— bioengineered…as corn is one of the most GMO foods out there along with soy and canola. I saw on a box of kids granola bars with fun cute fun packaging – “bioengineered”, in small letters. Scary 😦

    If I can I will buy  organic. My 2nd choice 4- – – conventional.

    I will not buy GMO.

    Lastly, there are stores like Aldi & Trader Joe’s & Whole  Foods trying to keep GMO food off their shelves.

    Here is to your health!

    When I got this text, I immediately checked the produce on my counter – Avocado -4225, Pink-lady apples – 4130. I have to admit that I had always thought of the PLU (Price Look Up) label as a way to help cashiers charge customers correctly for different types of produce.  I did not know there was a unique numbering system. I did not realize that it also allowed us to determine whether the purchase – was GMO, conventional, or organic. The Avocados and apples were conventionally grown. This means that the avocados and apples on my counter were grown on a farm using fertilizers and pesticides. 

    What is GMO?  

    GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. These are living plants, animals, or microorganisms altered through biotechnology. This is done by introducing alien genes. This process generates proteins that give the modified organism new properties. These new properties can include having food grow faster and food resistant to certain weather conditions like drought. By doing this, farmers can produce more food, which, in turn, can reduce food prices, contributing to food security.

    In the United States, the likelihood that any food derived from corn, cottonseed, soybean, canola, and sugar beet will be GMO food in the US is 90% or higher.

    What do you do with this information?

    Knowledge is power. It is essential to know about the foods you eat. There are mixed messages regarding the long-term safety and health effects. There have been studies showing the health risks to animals. If you are like me, you want to eat real food. No modification – just real food. This is just a reminder to pay attention to the PLU code on your produce. I will avoid products with a PLU with 5 numbers, with the first number beginning with an 8. Read the labels on your food. Bioengineered and genetically modified are the same. I will be avoiding those foods as well. 

    Thank you my dear friend for the texting this information.

    4 Responses to “No Modifications – Just Real Food”

    1. Linda K. Jackson says:

      Again, thank you for the most valuable continued education! People also are not aware of the food coating Apeel, which was funded by a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Why is a computer whiz messing with our food???? It’s all about the money!!!!!

    2. Never heard of Apeel. Just did some initial research and seems like there has been some misinformation-thanks to social media. This is some clarification from the Associated Press:

      This is what happens when there are multiple products with the same name. I personally wash most of my fruits with soap and water before consumption.

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