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    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | June 26th, 2016


    I was in Las Vegas this past week for a medical conference. It was my first time in Las Vegas.  A lot of people think New York City is the city that does not sleep, however I believe Las Vegas might actually beat New York City in that category.

    The conference highlighted the importance of a team approach to taking care of patients. The physician, nurse, medical assistant, pharmacist and social worker are all part of a team with you as the patient at the center. When the team works together, you benefit.

    On the last day of the conference, there was a ‘Ladies Hat and Tea’ event which I loved. There were some take away messages from the event that I wanted to share.  We started out with the following prayer:

    A Woman’s Prayer

    Dear Lord, as a woman you created me to bring forth life. Lord, we were created to be givers, so I ask that you restore us, refresh us, renew our minds, and give us strength. Lord, let me not hope for things that are not part of your plan. Help me to understand what I must go after, and what I must wait for. And while I am waiting, give me the grace to be patient. I thank you for this day, because every day is a gift from you, and what I do with my day is my gift back to you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    I thought it was a wonderful prayer. After the prayer, we listened to several speakers but there was one that gave an interesting perspective on why we as women are often held back in doing things that we have always wanted to do. She listed the following:

    1. We feel that we are not good enough – It is important to know that each of us is equipped with unique talents. YOU CAN DO IT.
    2. We play the wishing and waiting game – As women we have  this tendency to make excuses “I have to wait for the children to grow up” ,  “I have to wait until I get enough money”,  or “I have to wait for the right time” . THE TIME TO START IS NOW.
    3. We compare ourselves with others – It is important to stay in your lane. Your journey will be different from another person’s journey. YOU CAN ONLY BE YOU.

    She stressed the importance of ‘no regrets’. It is not good for your health.

    And for those of you who are wondering whether I won big in Vegas, just know I will not be sleeping in this week.

    6 Responses to “MY TRIP TO VEGAS”

    1. Yvette A says:

      Great post Dr. Ngozi! Definitely a good departure from the norm and refreshing to see physicians taking time to restore, refresh and rejuvenate.

      I will certainly share this with a few female aspiring nurses, physicians, medical techs.

    2. Bea says:

      Appears conference was educational, informative and relaxing, thanks for sharing. Will definitely share “A Woman’s Prayer” with my sisters.

    3. LeeClaire says:

      You look like you were enjoying yourself from the looks of the picture. Thank you so much for sharing. I may have to swipe that prayer and use it at my next #SistersKeepers meeting. I enjoy reading your messages.

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