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    Must Read Books on Women’s Health

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | June 2nd, 2024

    Must Read Books on Women’s Health

    Last week, I reconnected with a woman in her early 50s whom I hadn’t seen in years. She asked if I had written any new books since Letters to My Sisters. I told her that I had indeed written a new book called Sincerely, Your Gynecologist, which was published in late 2022. She then asked if the book included any information on menopause, as she felt she was entering that phase and needed some advice.

    I explained that my book did cover menopause but suggested she also read Grown Woman Talk by Dr. Sharon Malone. She seemed surprised and asked, “Why are you recommending someone else’s book over yours?”

    I clarified, “I’m not promoting one book over the other. I genuinely believe both books offer valuable insights and should be part of your reading list.”

    Curious, she asked, “What’s the difference between the two?”

    I explained, “Both books are excellent. Sincerely, Your Gynecologist is a quick, digestible read with essential information, much like a microwavable meal. In contrast, Grown Woman Talk is more detailed and comprehensive, akin to a meal prepared in the oven.”

    We shared a laugh and then caught up on our families.

    Recently, Dr. Malone visited Columbus, Ohio to promote her book. She is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who recognized a gap in health information for women over 40. Her friends—Michelle Obama, Michele Norris, and Gayle King, to name a few—despite their education, had many questions about navigating perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. While her book primarily addresses women of color, the information is invaluable for all women, regardless of race or ethnicity.

    Grown Woman Talk is a thoroughly researched book that provides a wealth of information. It has significantly eased my work with perimenopausal and older patients. I now recommend it, encouraging patients to read it before their next appointment to maximize their consultation. The book blends memoir with letters and even includes a playlist to accompany its themes. It covers everything a woman might experience from age 40 onward, with the final chapter, “Heaven Bound,” addressing end-of-life preparations. The 323-page book is truly a worthwhile read.

    I must admit, this book prompted me to schedule my colonoscopy immediately. I had noticed changes in my bowel movements but had been postponing the procedure. The book’s message struck home, reminding me that I, too, am in that age group. I had the colonoscopy last Friday, and thankfully, the results were negative.

    Sincerely, Your Gynecologist guides readers through a woman’s health journey from adolescence to retirement. It’s a concise read that addresses common health issues women face at different life stages. This book was designed to encourage intergenerational conversations, offering valuable insights for readers of all ages.

    Both books aim to empower women with information. Being informed helps you make confident decisions about your health. We often focus on our financial investments, but wealth means little without good health. Dr. Malone and I are committed to ensuring you are in the best possible health to enjoy all aspects of life.

    6 Responses to “Must Read Books on Women’s Health”

    1. Linda K. Jackson says:

      Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you ten times over!!!! Your last paragraph is especially meaningful to me!!!!!

      • Ngozi Osuagwu, MD says:

        You are welcome. This is why the website exist – to ensure we are in the best possible health to enjoy all aspects of our our life.

    2. Barbra Wright says:

      Dr. Sharon Malone presentation wonderful. She was funny while being truthful. It was a delight to see two doctors exchanging their books, posing for the camera.
      Make sure you purchase both books. You won’t regret it. I have both Dr. Osuagwu books and reading Dr. Malone’s book.

    3. Dayna Hale says:

      Thank you for caring about all of us!

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