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    Mother’s Day is Around the Corner

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | May 1st, 2022

    Mother’s Day is Around the Corner

    “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?”

    “Nothing, I just want you to be healthy and happy.” my mother always replies.

    Really, Mom, what do you want? I would ask again.

    “I want you to be happy.” She would respond.

    That is how our conversation would end. I would then have to try and figure out what to buy.

    I have to laugh. My children are asking me the same question I would ask my mom, and I am responding the same way my mom responds. When all is said and done, that is what all of us want for the people we love, especially our children, to be healthy and happy.

    But what if your child will not take no for an answer or suppose you are someone trying to give a gift to a new Mom or someone you consider a MOM- any thoughts?

    1. If there is something that you need or want, be open and honest. I hate having to open a gift and pretend I like the gift or having to return a gift.
    2. Gift cards – This is Mother’s Day, not Christmas. There should be a little thought, unless you know where mom likes to shop.
    3. A gift of time – This is my favorite. It can be your time or anything that saves time. Choose to help organize the pantry, clean the refrigerator, clean the house, or organize the garage. If you cannot do it, you may consider hiring someone to do it.
    4. May consider a spa day. You do not have to buy all the services if it is not part of your budget. You may choose a pedicure or a manicure only. You may select the massage only. If your mom is not used to this, you may decide to have a service together and then a meal afterward. Hanging out with mom is a beautiful thing.
    5. Hair salon – pay for hair to get done. She can get that fancy style she has wanted to try.
    6. If mom has a chronic illness – consider buying a blood pressure cuff, helping out with the cost of medicine, or buying the glucometer strips.
    7. Giving computer lessons to mom – spending the time to help Mom with the computer, help mom sign on to the patient portal.
    8. Encourage exercise – buy resistance bands, good walking shoes, gym membership, exercise class, may consider bringing an instructor for one session to the house.   
    9. Buy a book or a digital device for reading.  This is sure to keep the brain sharp.
    10. Consider the stainless steel water bottle or the glass containers. It may be time to help mom convert from plastic to glass.
    1. Have mom’s car detailed – remember you can do it or have someone do it.
    2. Simple note – telling mom all the reasons she is special to you.

    The list is endless, but in the end, a mother wants her children, healthy and happy, and we want the same for her. Healthy and happy are truly the best gifts we can wish for our loved ones.

    2 Responses to “Mother’s Day is Around the Corner”

    1. Linda K Jackson says:

      All great ideas!

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