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    Let’s Get Practical

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | December 20th, 2020

    Let’s Get Practical

    One of the best holiday gifts I received came from a co-worker. I was telling her that my cholesterol was elevated and that I was going to switch from making regular omelets to egg white omelets. Months later she ended up buying an egg separator for me. It surely gets its use in my house. I love it. It was practical and extremely useful.

    Christmas is this Friday and if you are still thinking about what to get those on your list, I would suggest that it is not too late to think of a practical gift. If there is one thing I have learned this year is to keep things simple. Do not get stressed if it does not get to where it needs to get to by Christmas. You can always write down what was to come on a piece of paper and place that paper in a box and wrap the box – they will have the ability to open the gift twice – now and when the real gift arrives.

    Here is my list of practical gifts:

    1. COVID has been difficult for a lot of people. You might ask a loved one if they need help paying for their medicines. It is so important that we maintain our health during this time to keep our immune system in shape. For those on the receiving side, do not be embarrassed to say that I need help to pay for my medicine.
    2. Does someone you know need a blood pressure cuff, a glucometer, or glucometer strips? Consider helping to buy the devices that are needed to maintain good health.
    3. This past week I received baked goods from a friend. Actually, my friend baked the goods and her brother and his wife mailed the items. Two households combined to send the gift. I thanked them all. If you know that there is an item that you bake well, share the homemade baked goods as a gift with friends and family.
    4. We know that college is expensive. My mission is to make sure that everyone that has a child knows about the college saving account for their state.  It is never too early to start. I often start my conversation – Congratulations, have you started a college savings account. You can be the one to share the information and even give seed money to start the savings. Most have a minimum starting amount but then you can contribute any amount afterwards.
    5. My daughter found my jump rope and was pleasantly surprised of the great workout you can get with a jump rope. I told her that it was much cheaper than a Peloton®. Other gift ideas other than a jump rope include a hoola hoop  or exercise bands.
    6. In a previous blog, I discussed by fascination with kitchen gadgets. I think they make wonderful gifts – you can buy an egg separator, a garlic peeler, an apple slicer or the lettuce knife with kale stripper. I love my lettuce knife. It has made preparing collard greens easier.
    7. When my daughter was complaining of menstrual cramps, I brought out the hot water bottle. She stated that it was helpful. I am amazed at how many households do not own one. It can be helpful with any pain that can be eased with heat.
    8. I have never made this, but I have gotten it as a gift – a sugar scrub. All you need is sugar and oil. You can learn to make the scrub by placing the word ‘sugar scrub ‘in the search engine. I have always used my scrubs for my feet.
    9. A box or jar full of positivity. You can write or type funny or inspirational sayings – 365 if you want the person to use it daily or 52 if you want them to pick from the box weekly.
    10. A gift of time – give coupons of what you are willing to do – laundry, cooking, cleaning – relatives can cash in when they do not feel like doing the chores. Be available in whatever way works for you.

    Regardless of whether you choose any one of the gifts I suggested or another, remember –never give more than what you can afford. We should not be carrying a credit card bill for a gift. We should not feel stressed. This should be a happy time focused on the true meaning of Christmas. I have learned through the years that sometimes the best gift is the gift of oneself – that simple phone call that says you care.

    Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa!

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