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    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | March 17th, 2024


    The idiom “IN THE KNOW” means you have access to all the information about something other people do not have. The good news is that when it hits this platform, you know the information, and those with whom you share the information also get to know. Recently, I have had three incidences where I asked myself what would have happened if I was not in the healthcare field. Here is what I have learned.

    1. YOU MUST READ YOUR EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS (EOB) – You must pay attention to the medical bills. Do not ignore your bills. Recently, I received a bill from a specialist office. I was shocked at the amount. Although they knew I had insurance, it appeared my insurance did not pay for anything. They had an office number on the bill to call if I had issues with the bill. I called the number, and when I questioned the amount, I was told they had problems with the insurance and that I should ignore the bill; it was a mistake. I am glad I called. My husband had a similar situation where he was getting a bill, and when he called the office, he had asked for a three-way call – the billing office, the insurance company, and himself. In the end, it was discovered he did not owe anything. Please do not ignore the bill; deal with it when it comes in. Once you have everything straightened out, if you cannot afford the bill, you can ask for a payment plan or find out if they have charity care where your bill can be waived. If you do not ask, you will not know.
    1. COMPARE THE PRICE WITH GOOD RX – I picked up my medication from the pharmacy. I did not realize until I went home that I was not given the total amount prescribed by my physician. They said my insurance company only covered one month. I was upset because no one had told me this when I picked up my prescription. I told the pharmacist I may have considered buying the total amount. I then examined the medication cost with my insurance and the cost of using GoodRx. It was cheaper with GoodRx. Whenever you are concerned about the price of your drug, you can ask the pharmacist to check on GoodRx. You can even check before you go to the pharmacy. You may find the price varies with pharmacies, and you may have to ask your physician to give you a paper script or send the prescription to the cheapest pharmacies. FYI – most of the drugs used for our vulva and vagina as we age tend to be more affordable with GoodRx.
    1. STRENGTH TRAINING CAN MAKE YOU LIVE LONGER – I was listening to National Public Radio this weekend when they talked about a new study that came out showing women who do strength training exercises two to three days a week are more likely to live longer and have a lower risk of death from heart disease, compared to women who do none. Please click here to listen to what I heard. This validates everything that was written last week. It is all about ensuring everyone reading the blog weekly is “IN THE KNOW”.

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