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    Engage, Enable & Empower

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | June 30th, 2019

    Engage, Enable & Empower

    I just came back from a conference1 where I attended a Hat and Tea event. The theme for the event was Engage, Enable and Empower.  During the event, we had lifestyle coach, Kwavi Agbeyegbe ( lead us through a series of exercises:

    1. We all had to recite the following – ‘I am enough, I am going to let myself shine’.  We said it several times. To hear all the women voice it aloud was powerful.
    2. She then gave us 2 minutes to write down 20 things we liked about ourselves – What was discovered is that for women, we find it difficult to write about ourselves. If we were asked to write down 20 things that we liked about our children, it would not be difficult.  It would probably be easier for us the write down 20 things we did not like about ourselves. We need to change our mindset – ‘I am enough, I am going to let myself shine’.
    3. She recited a poem for us to self-reflect –

    You are here to take up space.

    To fill up this world with your presence, your laughter, your adventures, your dreams – your one of a kind story. 

    You are making a difference with every breath you breathe.

    You shape the people around you just by being alive.

    You add brightness to each day you wake up in. You bring warmth and joy to every life that intersects with yours.

    You are a radiant soul that shines brighter than you know.

    Your light makes the darkness scatter.

    Every breath, every smile, every step you take forward makes the shadows disappear.

    You are stronger and braver than you realize.

    Every day you wake up believing that there is still hope, still joy, still love – still things worth fighting for is courageous.

    Today, I want to remind you that you are here to take up space loudly, proudly, and fiercely.


    You are lovely. You are precious. You are worthy. You are capable.

    You are a spectacular work of art. 

    Try not to forget your own significance anymore.

    With love,

    Dele Olanubi2

    I would encourage each one of you to try these exercises. I actually had my daughter list 20 things she liked about herself. She had no problem. I was surprised. She said she had to do this exercise several times in the past and it gets easier each time you do it to focus on the positives. I actually recited the poem to my voice memo on my phone and then closed my eyes and replayed the voice memo. It felt great.  By focusing on the positives, we are engaged, enabled and empowered.

    1Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) conference

    2Dela Olanubi describes herself as 20-something year old woman trying to find, discover, create, explore, and enjoy her happiness, Writing has been her outlet and brings her comfort.

    3 Responses to “Engage, Enable & Empower”

    1. oby says:

      Thank you for this wonderful write up. We all have our positives but can write other people s own more than ours. I m doing the assignment but wanted tpo let you know that in more ways than one you have impacted people s lives. Thanks and God bless

    2. Pat Bailey says:

      Great information. Thanks for sharing!

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