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    Be The Best You Can

    by Ngozi Osuagwu, MD | September 24th, 2023

    Be The Best You Can

    The minute we are born, we start aging. September is Healthy Aging Month. The purpose of this month is to raise attention to the health and well-being of older adults by providing resources to help people stay healthy and independent as they age. Healthy Aging is not anti-aging. It is about being the best you can be at whatever age. When exploring what to write, I chanced up the MeetCaregivers website. They listed ten ways to improve well-being as we age.

    1. Train Yourself to Think Positively – Several studies have shown a connection between positive thinking and longevity. You can boost positive thinking by maintaining a daily gratitude journal. You can write three things you are grateful for each day. You can keep track of positive events in your life. Writing this down each evening would be great. You can also visualize your best possible self.
    2. Rediscover Your Purpose – What motivates you to get out of bed daily? This is an opportunity to try something new. We are all on this earth for a reason. Sometimes, family and friends can aid in helping you discover your purpose.
    3. Recognize That Age Is Just a Number – You are never too old for anything. If there is something you have always wanted to do, then do it. When I was in school for a Master’s in Business Administration, someone I thought was a friend told me I was too old. I am glad I had enough people who surrounded me and were encouraging.
    4. Take Charge Of Your Health – Some people are not taking full advantage of what their insurance offers regarding well-being. As a physician, I was unaware that I could prescribe a health coach. You might need to call your insurance company and talk with a representative to determine what is covered. Take this opportunity to keep up with your screening tests for health maintenance, like pap smear, mammogram, colon cancer, and diabetes screening, to list a few. 
    5. Energize Yourself Naturally – It is okay to take naps. For older adults, naps can boost alertness and energy, which helps with cognition and focus. Eating the right foods can also help boost your energy. Avoid highly processed food. 
    6. Try New Things – It is suggested to challenge yourself to try new things to stimulate your brain and meet new people. Consider experimenting with new hobbies, learning a new skill or language, enrolling in a local or online class, or participating in (or starting) a book club or walking group.
    7. Build A Support System – Surround yourself with friends and loved ones that joyfully fill you. Consider volunteering. 
    8. Walk Confidently – Remember your posture. Sit up straight. Walk like you belong here because you do.
    9. Smile – Dental health is essential for overall health. There is a correlation between happiness and the number of times you smile. 
    10. Reexamine Your Financial Health – Know where you stand. You should be able to do the things you would like to do. It may require you to make a budget. 

    Regardless of age, we can all benefit from these suggestions. For more information on Healthy Aging Month, you can visit here

    Move Your Way

    3 Responses to “Be The Best You Can”

    1. Linda K. Jackson says:

      I love, love, LOVE your tips and will be sharing them, especially with Circle of Grandmothers!!!!! Many tips reinforce what we believe! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Very valuable tips!!! Thanks!

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